July 11, 2005

I've decided to put Strawberry Fantasy on a permanent hiatus, after exactly 2 years online. It has been a memorable and fulfilling experience, and I'll never forget this site nor its visitors ♥ But I've lost all interest in updating this site.

To my dear visitors: Thanks for all your patience and support through these 2 years - it was you guys that kept me going all this time. I hope my site was able to open your eyes to new shippings, and appreciate the series ^^

To my affiliates: Thanks for everything, it was a wild ride. Looking back, there was a golden era when the fandom hit its peak, and I feel honored to have been affiliated with some of the greatest Yuugiou websites that ever existed. Most of them are long gone now...
To those with active Yuugiou fansites, I applaud you and wish your websites all the best ^^